body-rice-leaflet-miniSince 1980, German institutions have been sending teenagers to the south of Portugal as part of several experimental projects of social re-education. Katrin (Sylta Fee Wegmann) comes to Alentejo within this context. She does not establish a relationship with her environment, a situation heightened by the harshness of the landscape and the void of a socially barren region. Katrin, Julia (Alice Dwyer), and Pedro (Lufs Guerra) form an enclave in a no-man’s land – a physical and mental desert.








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Locarno official competition 2006 / Rotterdam / Las Palmas / Mexico / Buenos Aires / Brussels / Hong-Kong / Crossing Europe / Leeds / Bangkok / Wroclaw / Ljubljana (among others) – Prizes – Locarno competition special mention 2006 – Best director BAFICI – Buenos Aires / Best director FICCO – Mexico city (among others)