swans-leaflet-miniA man travels to Berlin because his ex-girlfriend is in a coma. He has brought their son Manuel with him. The two stay in the ail- ing woman’s apartment. While his father makes frequent visit to the clinic, Manuel feels out of place there. He prefers to wander through the wintry city on his skateboard.
It is an immobile, mute body that serves as the focal point of the film: the body of a comatose woman. A body between life and death, which induces unease and insecurity in both father and son…







“Die Unberührbaren” 
by E. Knörer in SISSY MAGAZINE

“Identität der Stille” 
by C. Hähnel in SCHNITT

“Zu kaum einer Regung fähig” 
by A. Busche in TAZ

“Körper auf der Suche nach Leben” 
by M. Baute in TIP

“Krankheit der Jugend” 

by R. Kleber in FILMECHO

by A. Wach in FILM DIENST

by L. Foerster in PERLENTAUCHER


61th Berlinale / Buenos Aires / Las Palmas / Indie Lisboa / Jerusalem / Wroclaw / Mexico (among others) – Selected for L’atelier – Cannes film festival 2009 / Development prize – Torino film lab / Special Mention – Signis Prize – Indie Lisboa