At the end of the nineteenth century, two inexperienced portuguese colonizers disembark in a remote part of the Congo River in order to coordinate a trading post. As time goes by, they become increasingly demoralized by their inability to profit from the ivory trade. Mutual feeling of distrust and misunderstadings with the locals isolate them at the heart of the tropical jungle. Faced with each other, they begin a journey towards the abyss.

The feature film “Outpost of progress” is a Portuguese mimicry of the J.Conrad short story name originally published in 1897 by the magazine “cosmopolis”. The film uses Conrad’s short story as departing point for a tropical colonial masquerade. 

Produced by Paulo Branco, Alfama films and Leopardo filmes, the film was shot at the river Congo, Angola, Zaire, Soyo, Porto do Pinda and Porto Rico. 

66th Berlinale / Viennale / Buenos Aires / Rio de Janeiro / Barcelona / Las Palmas  (among others) – Prize best actor – David Caracol (Las Palmas) / Prize best actor Nuno Lopes – SPA / Prize best actor Nuno Lopes – Globo de Ouro SIC


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